Eight 12-bit Digital to Analog converters, with 3 voltage ranges and simultaneous 4-20mA current output. Available in a High-Current drive version (model RDAG12-8H). Both models have 7 bits of open collector I/O.

RA1216 12-bit 16-channel Data Acquisition card. This pod supports very flexible range and input types.
RAD128 12-bit A/D, 8 S.E. Inputs, 7 DIO, and compatible with ACCES Model AIM-16, LVDT-8, SSH-08 and other.
RAG128 Same as RAD128 in form-factor that is compatible with the ACCES model T-BOX.
RAD242 24-bit Sigma Delta 2 differential input A/D with programmable gain plus 12 bits of isolated digital I/O.
RIOD-24 24-digital I/O, individually configured in software as inputs or outputs. Open collector drivers, allowing up to 50V complaince voltage, capable of sinking up to 350mA per channel. Pod supports transition-counting; level, pulse, or square-wave output generation; Change-Of-State detection on selected inputs; and bit-, byte-, and/or word-wide access to the digital I/O. NEMA 4 enclosure.
RDG-24 Same as RIOD-24 in form-factor compatible with the ACCES model T-BOX.
RDI-54 54 digital inputs, allowing up to 50V signal levels. Pod supports transition-counting, Change-of-State detection on configured inputs, and more!

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