ADW-BW, 12 Bileşenli Parti Tartım İndikatörü

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    • Up to 12 components or ingredients
    • Optional 10 menu selection
    • Selectable batch totals
    • Mixer timing control
    • Stand alone or PLC operation
    • Provides excitation of 10V @ 160mA to drive up to 6 x 350 Ohm load cells
    • Variable gain input sensitivity from 0.5 to 200 mV/V
    • 6 wire input to compensate for zener barrier and cable losses
    • Simple one pass auto calibration for minimum set-up time on site

    Product order options

    Please read the following before selecting the options for this product:

    ADW15 fitted with Special Edition SOftware, a dedicated relay to operate a system alarm condition. A remote driver and an 8 Relay remote DIN rail mounted module and REM PSU.

    Starting with the base model ADW-BW5, select the options that you need to configure the device to meet your needs.

    Base UnitCode
    RS485/232 Communications for MODBUS RTU, ASCII MANTRABUSCOM 1
    Power SuppliesCode
    110V, AC 50/60 HZW110
    230, AC 50/60HZ110VW240
    Supply 12/24V DCW12/24
    Panel MountP
    DIN RailD
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